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California Personal Injury Victims
The San Juan Capristrano CA injury lawyers of the San Juan Capistrano, California based law firm of Kuhn & Belz take pride in the fact that they have been able to achieve outstanding jury verdicts for their Southern California personal injury/accident clients. The following are some examples of jury verdicts that the personal injury lawyers of the firm have obtained for their clients.
CASE NAME: Slamkowski vs. Morgan Services, Inc. Defendant
CASE TYPE: Personal Injury – Auto Accident
RESULT: Trial Verdict $1,200,000
CASE NAME: Gonzalez vs. Thompson Defendant
CASE TYPE: Personal Injury – Auto Accident
RESULT: Trial Verdict $1,285,000
UCI Willed Body Scandal Cases
In addition to the above, the San Juan Capristrano CA Injury lawyers at Kuhn and Belz recently completed a $700,000 settlement against the University of California at Irvine in the welled publicized UCI Willed Body Scandals. Kuhn and Belz has been the lead counsel in these cases and has successfully fought to protect the rights of the families who have lost the remains of their family members as a result of the reckless indifference and negligence of UCI officials. Kuhn and Belz have extensive expertise in the area of crematory and mortuary law cases.
If you or someone you know in Orange County, California or a surrounding area including San Bernardino County, Riverside County, San Diego County, or Los Angeles County needs the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer, then contact The Law Offices of Kuhn & Belz for a free consultation with an experienced San Juan Capristrano CA Injury lawyer. Call toll free at (877) 238 3086 or via email using the contact form in the left column.
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