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Personal Injury law refers to the area of law that involves civil law cases designed to obtain compensation for accident victims who have suffered personal injury. Initially, the personal injury attorney usually tries to negotiate with the opposing party or their insurance company. If necessary, and if the attorney thinks you have a good chance of winning, the case may go to trial. The main concerns in an injury case are negligence and liability. Before you can collect an award, your attorney will have to prove that the defendant is liable. To prove liability, the attorney must establish negligence. If there is a failure to exercise reasonable care to prevent injury or damage then there may be negligence. Once liability and negligence have been established, the judge or the jury may award money to compensate for medical costs, lost wages and lost future earnings as well as for pain and suffering.
What is Personal Injury?
A personal injury is any physical or mental injury to a person that is a result of someone else's negligence or harmful act. The Law Offices of Kuhn & Belz has experience in representing accident victims who have suffered serious personal injury. Sometimes personal injury may be referred to as bodily injury. Injuries can occur in a wide variety of ways. The following are some of the most common accidents resulting in personal injury:
In addition, The Law Offices of Kuhn & Belz have experienced attorneys who provide business litigation legal services before courts throughout California. To learn more about our full compliment of services, please contact the San Juan Capistrano, California based Law Offices of Kuhn & Belz at (877) 238 3086 for additional information related to any of the above matters or if you have suffered an injury from a matter not listed above.
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What financial compensation can I recover in a personal injury claim?
Accident victims are entitled to recover money damages for all losses and expenses they incur as a result of an accident. Depending upon the particular circumstances of your case, damages may include recovery for any of the following.
Medical bills Lost Wages, including overtime
Pain & Suffering Physical Disability
Permanent Scars
Emotional Trauma
Mental Anguish
Loss of Enjoyment
Loss of Love & Affection
Embarrassment Mental Disability
Property Damage and
All out of pocket expenses (transportation charges, doctor/hospital bills, medical equipment, etc).
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